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2271 Old Middlefield Way
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Mobile Tuning


On Location Service

DP3 Racing is one of the only companies to offer exclusive Mobile Tuning services. Our mobile service allows us to provide customized services to clients no matter where they are located.


Our re-flashing services involve removing the read-only aspect of an internal engine chip and adjusting it for new specifications. This enables us to improve horsepower and overall performance of any vehicle. As professionals, we understand the importance of ensuring a thorough and precise re-flashing. This delicate process requires expert knowledge and experience to guarantee the desired results. For this reason, we bring experts to our client’s vehicles and are able to perform an on-site re-flashing quickly and easily.

Why Mobile Tuning?

Our Mobile Tuning service is ideal for vehicle owners who want to keep their car running in peak condition. Our clients receive customized care right where they are located and never have to travel to a garage for a re-flashing. We value our client’s time, which is why we have made it a point to develop and utilize the nation’s best mobile tuning service.

Our re-flashing and Mobile Tuning services allow you total control over your vehicle. Regardless of your schedule, needs or expectations we guarantee the results you want when you use our service. Turn to us for skilled and professional auto tuning services right where you are, no matter what.

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